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Our Story

With the help of my local Ag Extension Agent, I ordered my first 20 nucs in 2012. My original intent was to pollinate my own garden. After speaking to local farmers and area beekeepers, I quickly moved to a business mindset. There was a need for local pollination, and I wanted to learn how I could help. 

I was working for a local farmer, RT Stanley Jr. He explained his need for pollination and the struggles to find enough bees for his crops. He saw my passion for the bees and desire to help. In 2014, we decided to purchase a truckload of bees from Wisconsin and start our pollination business, Vidalia Apicultural Services. 
Still working a full-time job, taking care of and moving the bees around after work and on weekends was becoming tiresome. Borrowing trucks and trailers from my business partners, struggling to feed over 200 hives by myself, we voted to expand the business. 

In 2017, we took out a loan, hired our first employees, bought trucks, trailers and more bees. Also at this time, Stanley Farms, our partner and main pollination customer, sold their land. We were forced to change directions and find a new revenue stream. We found there was a need for packaged bees and queens. 
In 2018, we moved into our new office and honey bottling facility that also included a small storefront. With the help of employees and a strong market, our hives and business continue to grow. We currently have over 12,000 hives and sell over 25,000 packages each year. 

We offer a full range of beekeeping supplies and protective clothing as well as cosmetics such as handmade soaps and lip balms; and of course, our local honey. 

Honeybees are my passion! With the help of employees, who are more like family, we strive to take good care of God's tiny creatures and are grateful for this responsibility.

Proverbs 119:103 "Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."
Please contact us if you would like to know more about the business of honeybees. 

Heather D. Burton
Managing Partner

Heather Davis

Managing Partner

Heather grew up in and graduated from Vidalia High School. She attended Georgia Southern University where in 1997 she obtained an Associate Degree in Business. She attended Southeastern Technical College and graduated with a Computer Networking degree in 2003. Heather started working for the Stanley Family in 2006 as a logistics coordinator and worked her way up to managing two of the family businesses. She ended her career with Stanley Farms in 2014 to begin focusing on the bee business.

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2021 Rockstar Award Winners


Vidalia Apicultural Services and Bee Company is now one of the top three commercial apiaries in the state. They have been chosen as a 2021 Small Business Rock Star for Region 9 because of their important work in the agricultural industry. 

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