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Henry Price

Managing Partner

Henry grew up in and graduated from Montgomery County High School. He attended ABAC in Tifton where he graduated in 2002 with a degree in Agronomy. He went on to UGA and graduated in 2004 with a degree in Entomology. 

Henry began working for the GA Department of Agriculture in 2005 where he currently supervises as Lead Apiarist for the Honey Bee Program in the Plant Protection Division.

Heather Davis

Managing Partner

Heather grew up in and graduated from Vidalia High School. She attended Georgia Southern University where in 1997 she obtained an Associate Degree in Business. She attended Southeastern Technical College and graduated with a Computer Networking degree in 2003. Heather started working for the Stanley Family in 2006 as a logistics coordinator and worked her way up to managing two of the family businesses. She ended her career with Stanley Farms in 2014 to begin focusing on the bee business.

Henry and Heather met in 2012.

The VAS partnership

In efforts to help Stanley Farms with pollination, Heather contacted Henry to help her learn more about honey bees and pollination. Heather ordered 20 nucs in 2012. With Henry’s help the hives grew to a number that could pollinate partial acreage for Stanley Farms. At the end of 2013, Stanley Farms bought over 200 hives to pollinate all of their crops for that year; with the understanding that Henry and Heather would maintain those hives. The Stanley’s quickly realized the return on their investment. 


December 2014, a legal partnership was formed between Stanley Farms LLC, Henry Price and Heather Davis. The business grew offering pollination services but in 2016 started selling packages to help off-set expenses. The business has grown selling packages, nucs and queens and is currently one of the top 3 commercial apiaries, in the State. 

2021 Rockstars HP.jpg

2021 Rockstar Award Winners


Vidalia Apicultural Services and Bee Company is now one of the top three commercial apiaries in the state. They have been chosen as a 2021 Small Business Rock Star for Region 9 because of their important work in the agricultural industry. 

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